Sex pheromones to postmenopausal women

By Philip Cohen. A dab of artificial sweat can hugely increase your chance for romance, say researchers in California. Psychologist Norma McCoy and her student Lisa Pitino at San Francisco State University found in a study of 36 women that sexual behaviour with men was three times as high in women who added a sexy chemical to their perfume, compared to women who received a placebo. She rules out an alternative explanation, that the pheromone is increasing sexual drive, because masturbation was not increased. Pheromones are chemicals that animals emit to attract sexual attention.
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Pheromones, sexual attractiveness and quality of life in menopausal women

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Pheromones, sexual attractiveness and quality of life in menopausal women

S itting at my desk today is a benefit made possible by my mother-in-law. She is taking care of my son, leaving me free to do other work and ideally, in biological terms, have more babies. That, in short, is the leading explanation for why she and other women of her age have evolved to stop having babies of their own and live long post-menopausal lives. It's known as the grandmother hypothesis. However, this idea, and its comforting portrait of family cooperation, is being challenged. It has been half a century since scientists began to explore why human females were one of only a couple of species to became infertile so early in their lives.
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Menopause: nature's way of saying older women aren't sexually attractive?

Winnifred Cutler, Ph. An Article for all Women and Students by Dr. Winnifred Cutler. On the role pheromones play in their romantic lives.
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Pheromones, and their effects, are reviewed with a special emphasis on their potential contribution to sexual attractiveness in the menopause. Key topics included are biological functions of pheromones in animals and humans, the source of pheromones in humans, the axillary extract studies that led to the independent synthesis of pheromones, olfactory mechanisms for mediating pheromones, and aging, attractiveness and sexual dysfunction. Physical attractiveness is important for a better quality of life. Three separate, double-blind, placebo-controlled investigations, using the same protocol, all demonstrated that a synthesized pheromone, topically applied, increased sexual attractiveness.
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